A drop in the ocean of art …

Fontana delle Arti_wp_francescosidotiNestled between the walls of the central Via Margutta, a lovely street in the center of Rome, few steps from Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the Pincio, “the Fountain of the Arts” was built by the architect Pietro Lombardi towards 1927 This unusual sculpture marble wall with a triangular base in marble, adorned with easels, palettes, and two masks from the different expressions, the other a radiant melancholy falls into that group of fountains that the City of Rome created to celebrate the wards and crafts capital. Initially Margutta was an important business center can accommodate craft shops and stalls … Today, brilliantly transformed into a place of art galleries and trendy bars, has become a symbolic place where artists from around the world present their works … by many is known as the street of artists.

Fontane delle Arti_wp_particolare_1Fontane delle Arti_wp_particolare_2

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