The Sanctuary of Tindarys and its lakes …

Tindari Santuario Madonna Nera_wpLying on the edge of the promontory, overlooking the sea, on the ruins of a small church which was destroyed around 1544 by Algerian pirates, stands the majestic Sanctuary of Tindarys. Inside the many tourists can not help but remain captivated by the statue carved in cedar wood depicting a Black Madonna. Each year, as usual between 7 and 8 September Sanctuary is home to thousands of devotees who come on pilgrimage from all parts of Sicily and … At the base of the promontory, a huge sandbar better known by the name of Marinello. A real wonder of nature unique whose appearance changes due to the movement of the sand, which, driven by the storms, the form of delightful ponds besieged especially during the summer, numerous wet. There are several legends associated with this marvel according to one of them the beach would miraculously formed after the fall of a child from the terrace of the sanctuary, later found safe and sound on the beach just created for the withdrawal of the sea. The girl’s mother, a pilgrim came from far away, following the miracle would have changed my mind about the true nature of the miraculous sculpture (Black Madonna), of which he had doubted because of ‘dark incarnate of the Virgin. Above the beach, a cave. According to a local legend, this was long the home of a witch who loved to draw to itself the sailors with her singing and then devour them. When someone refused because of the difficulty of reaching the entrance of the cave, the sorceress vented anger his fingers digging into the wall: this would be due to the numerous holes in the rock.

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