Tindari: its history, its jewels …

Tindari_wp_1Overlooked on the gulf of pacts, place of worship of thousands of believers that numerous each year among the 7 and the 8 of September in pilgrimage and reach flock to the majestic Basilica dedicated to the Black Madonna, Tindari has its roots in very ancient times. Founded in 396. C. by Dionysius of Syracuse, was originally a colony of mercenaries, victorious against the Carthaginians, gave the name of Tindarys in tribute to the king of Sparta, Tyndareus. In later years he played a key role because of its strategic location. It was a very important naval base: in its waters saw the Romans, led by consul Gaius Attilio Calatino, triumph over the Carthaginians (257 BC battle of Tindarys). In 36 B.C. was conquered by Augustus and became a Roman colony. First, a terrible landslide in the first century AD, a few centuries after the destructive earthquake almost razed to the ground the city. In 500 with the ‘arrival of the Byzantines, the city was transformed into a bishopric. They remained there until all ‘836, the year in which they reached the Arabs who razed it to the ground. From this terrible devastation only the shrine of the Black Madonna was saved. Over the years it has undergone significant changes which even today are shown in all their majestic beauty to the many tourists. Despite the different rulers and different cultural influences, Tindari proudly retains many treasures in the searing heat. The curious fact, visiting the archaeological site can admire the remains of the ancient city stand mosaics, sculptures, vases and beautiful ceramics kept in small local museum. Last but not least in order of importance, originally conceived could hold up to 3000 spectators, stands the magnificent Theatre of Tindarys, where, especially in the summer, theater performances are held. Nestled on a hillside in a part of the ‘old town, a place where time seems to stand still, thanks to its excellent location, offers viewers a breathtaking view where land and sea merge into one … I hope you embrace the pleased to discover this fantastic corner of Sicily to share with the readers of this site your emotions !!!

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